Company CIE s. r. o. – Centre for Industrial Engineering – was established in 2014 in order to help with coverage of industrial companies´ demand for the broader practical application of knowledge of experts from universities and renowned research institutes. We specialize in the area of improving the efficiency and performance of systems and teams in manufacturing, logistics, technical support and administration. Since the beginning we use the latest technology, diverse methods and innovative approaches, which are based on the results of university research and enable stimulate the economic growth of our clients.

Currently we are specializing in the implementation of complex solutions in the following areas:

  • Industrial engineering
  • Human resources
  • Education

In relation to the successful implementation of these services, we became a partner of the University of West Bohemia in April 2016. This partnership enables us mutual sharing of all resources, technology, equipment and infrastructure, including highly effective involvement of students in practice. We are helping not only our clients, but also university students and other young technical talents with the dynamic development and growth.