We focus on the technical training of professional staff in industrial enterprises and the personal development of middle and senior management. We carry out specialized trainings of technical topics, which are provided by qualified lecturers from the team of our company as well as the experts from all over the Czech Republic. In this context, there is also an important fact that a contract of partnership with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen signed in 2016.

We focus mainly on the specialized technical education of professional and managerial staff and the personal development of the senior management. Depending on the aim of the training, we are able to design and adapt the level of expertise, scope or the didactic methods. The aim of our activities is individually designed educational programs for each enterprise that fully correspond with its needs and meet the specific requirements of individual employees and their educational plans. The primary goal of our lecturers is to teach how to implement the trained issues. We use interactive training, case studies, simulations, games, and practical training on processes of the listener’s company. This is the basic measure of the success of our courses. We are ready to provide you full service in obtaining funding for your educational activities. Our training co-ordinators have extensive experience in coordinating projects from the European Social Fund and other Operational Programs and are ready to provide you with a valuable counselling. In the catalogue section, you will find the structure of the offered topics and selected specific courses, which can be modified according to the client’s wishes, both in terms of professional content and scope. Do not hesitate to reach us with your request. We will analyse the situation in your company, prepare a draft of a complete training program, including its implementation.