Implementation projects for our clients represent specific solutions to problems in various areas of production management, logistics and organization processes in the production system. This is the principle of solving problems on a project basis with a predetermined objective, scope, term and price for their resolution. Thematically there are six key areas that integrate themselves into a variety of other support and restrictive parameters.

  • Production Management and Engineering
  • Proposal and implementation of software solutions for efficient management of production
  • Logistics and Inventory Management
  • Normalizing of work
  • Ergonomics
  • Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

The result of this type of project is to solve assignments and implementation of the proposed solutions into practice. Customers for this type of solutions are companies:

  • with a lack of capacity or lack of knowledge of their own employees to solve the problem,
  • whose business is not associated with frequent solution to this type of problem,
  • for which it is not economically advantageous to have their own capacity for problem solving.

Detailed descriptions of these areas and their subareas can be found in our product catalog.CATALOG