Consulting and coaching in the areas of production management, logistics and organization processes provide a very efficient way to transfer knowledge and experience between specialists and employees. This is the principle of solving problems in a team made up primarily of employees who solve the task under the expert guidance of external expert, an expert from the company CIE.

The result of this type of project is primarily the given tasks solution proposal using client´s own resources with a guarantee of quality outputs from the company CIE. Another result is a very effective training of client´s employees in solving problems with the assumption of a future independent operation in projects of this kind.

Customers for this type of solution are companies that want to:

  • o keep pace with current trends in modern production management,
  • o implement new findings and eliminate the daily routine of solving their problems,
  • o effectively invest in their employees to increase their knowledge.

Detailed descriptions of these areas and their subareas can be found in our product catalog.CATALOG