Specialized testing of candidates´ skills and knowledge is an essential tools for selecting staff for all types of jobs and fundamentally improves the objectivity of the recruitment process. By testing we help our clients to make more informed decisions and streamline the selection of new employees, as well as to identify current employees for further development.

Testing of candidates´ technical expertise

In cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen we test candidates’ technical skills in the fields of engineering and electrical engineering. After assessing the knowledge of a particular candidate and client´s needs we propose additional training.

Testing of manual skills

Manual skills tests measure the ability and speed of movement coordination of eyes and hand, including motoric. They are suitable for testing of employees in facilities that require fast and accurate handling with a simple manufacturing materials and tools.

We offer the following internationally validated tests of skills:

  • Minnesota Dexterity Test
  • Grooved Pegboard Test
  • Purdue Pegboard Test

Personality tests

Objective review of your preferred behavior style, personal characteristics and competencies relevant to the work environment. Testing takes place in an online environment with evaluation within a few hours.

Assessment and development centers

We realize and organize professional assessment and development centers. They are highly effective methods of selecting employees especially at the lower and middle management positions.