Ergonomics and the physiology of work of your company

We are an authorized laboratory with leading experts in the field of ergonomics and physiology of work. Thanks to the combination of many years of experience and knowledge of our experts in occupational hygiene, ergonomics and industrial engineering, we achieve the best possible results. Led by a female doctor with an attestation in occupational medicine.

And who most often needs help from us? Our customers are mainly industrial companies, whose most common problem is the categorization of work in terms of physical activity. However, in companies we also help office workers. We will evaluate the ergonomics for any company in any field. And why should it be us who takes the measurements? Minimum waiting period, the option of an ergonomic audit and a clear protocol, including an explanatory workshop.


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Measurement of local muscle load

With the help of integrated electromyography, we will find out the work intensity of the employees' upper limbs. We will evaluate all levels of muscle load with the possibility of synchronization with the video of the work process. Thanks to this, we know the activities in which the worker exceeded their maximum muscular strength and we determine the corrective measures. Everything is done as standard according to the I8 authorization set


Measurement of total physical activity

We will perform authorized measurements and evaluation of total physical activity using heart rate measurements. We also evaluate the handling of loads, including the measurement of compressive and tensile forces. If we find that the results exceed the healthy limits, our experts will propose a suitable solution for optimizing your workplace. Everything is done as standard according to the 17 authorization set.

Workplace ergonomics

Using biomechanical analysis and other modern methods, our experts will evaluate how long and how often your employees are in acceptable, conditionally acceptable and unacceptable working positions. Everything is done as standard according to the 19 authorization set.

Professional evaluation of the workplace

The professional evaluation of the workplace is intended for the assessment of risk factors: total physical load, local muscle load or working position. For "physical load" or "working position" risk factors, the employer may, from 1 May 2020 onwards, pursuant to Act No. 205/2020 Coll. classify works in the 2nd category on the basis of a professional evaluation of the workplace. You will also get a set of recommended measures for streamlining the workplace.

Ergonomic audit

We will perform a complete inspection and analysis of the operation, including work procedures and administrative support for the workplace. We will define groups of workplaces in which we will determine their risk factors. The result is a list of high-risk workplaces in terms of physical activity and a list of recommended corrective measures. A list of workplaces suitable for measurement is included as well.

Workload compensation

A specialized physiotherapeutic program for the prevention of occupational diseases and the compensation of workload, which also brings an effective employee benefit. The main element of the program is a rehabilitation program with a physiotherapist present directly in the workplace during working hours. In addition to diagnostics and rehabilitation, we will also provide ergonomic supervision and the education of employees in this area.


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