We create perfectly

functioning companies

thanks to a comprehensive approach to increasing efficiency.

CIE Industry

A division focused on increasing the efficiency and performance of systems in the areas of production, logistics, process management and IT/SW. Through proven technologies and innovations, we will help you optimize production in terms of cost savings, increasing capacity or increasing quality.

CIE Technology

Using modern technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, we will help you with the effective design and verification of a new workplace, staff training, or the overall modernization of the company. We build on rich experience in the field of industrial engineering.

CIE Ergonomy

A division with an authorized laboratory specialising in the field of ergonomics and physiology at work. We will help you with authorized ergonomic measurement, the ergonomic design of the workplace, or its audit. Your employees will feel better and everything will be in accordance with the legislation.


From recruitment to development. We have been looking for new talents in the technical fields for 13 years. We focus on recommendations of suitable candidates for the positions of qualified production workers and top management, as well as on effective training and continuous education.


We have a solution

for every business.

Our services are most often used by manufacturing and logistics companies in the field of automotive production, aviation, healthcare, engineering and also state organizations.

CIE is made up of four expert divisions that complement one another. Through their combined expertise, we are able to design a highly comprehensive and detailed solution for your company.


What we can help you with

All our divisions are ready to help you, together or separately, depending on the complexity of your project.

Construction of a production plant
or a major reorganization

From the design of the production concept itself and the technologies used, through the definition of critical points and the layout of the hall to the organizational structure and the recruitment of key employees. Carrying out all the necessary major audits.

Recruitment and work

with human resources

In addition to recruitment and training, we will perform an HR audit and an audit of HR processes, 360° feedback, a review of the job descriptions, and an ergonomic audit leading to higher employee satisfaction. We will propose a solution based on the identified deficiencies.

Optimization of the production

We will help reduce the cost of your production, increase production capacity in the event of an increased demand for your products or increase the overall quality of production. We will discover the barriers that prevent you meeting the company's goals.

Increasing the efficiency
of production logistics

Together with you, we will optimize the logistics process in the hall, we will help you handle stock more flexibly. We will find areas for improvement in the existing layout of the company and propose a solution.

Ergonomic quality
of the workplace

Through certified measurements, we will improve the work environment of your employees, either to make them feel better when working or to ensure that your work environment complies with the legislation.

Innovation through
virtual and augmented reality

We will use modern technologies to eliminate additional costs and risks in newly designed workplaces or to save on human capital when training new people. The possibilities of use are unlimited.


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