For our clients we develop individual software solutions especially applicable in the field of production and logistics management and exception are not solutions of maintenance supporting processes or preparation of production. These are an efficient, custom-built and affordable software solutions of specific areas that are in most companies the main cause of excessive waste of resources, capacity and energy. Typical negative aspects, which in turn raise the need to implement these software solutions include low utilization of machines and people, low OEE, high indicator of PPM, too administrative processes, errors in the documentation or lack of control of processes generate more problematic situations and states. We currently offer six basic software modules, which we have been adjusting to your specific needs and requirements. These modules are in most cases directly linked to your existing information system and automatic data exchange occurs between them and it leads to the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy.

These are six following software modules:

  • The system of data evidence
  • An advanced system for production planning
  • A system for creating and managing standards
  • A system for managing and scheduling equipment maintenance
  • A program for the design of an ergonomic workplace
  • A program to minimize the effects causing occupational diseases

Customers for this type of solutions are companies:

  • experiencing the above described negative phenomena,
  • passing through the dynamic development,
  • trying to minimize all kinds of waste.

A detailed description of these software solutions can be found in our product catalogCATALOG